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  1. Ja Corey Hendrix

    Ja Corey HendrixПре 2 минута

    can you make a fortnite custom skin like the renegade Nike

  2. Paige Miland

    Paige MilandПре 2 минута

    I did see your code and my username is cocacola2400

  3. Moezaid123 _YT

    Moezaid123 _YTПре 8 минута

    Can I pls get a nike black and white ikonik pls

  4. Emmett Prothro

    Emmett ProthroПре 11 минута

    Amazing wow so good



    and fainaly lazer beam is in fortniteXD

  6. NewAlvarex

    NewAlvarexПре 11 минута

    Ninja style was only 2 sec HAHAHAHAA

  7. Moezaid123 _YT

    Moezaid123 _YTПре 11 минута

    Can I pls get a sling I want a ikonik but a bike black and white version pls 🥺

  8. Truckzzz

    TruckzzzПре 11 минута

    Thumbnail is so cursed and can I please have a My badge A white Adidas top but without the Adidas badge And black bottoms Adidas black shoes

  9. Ginomar Hanst

    Ginomar HanstПре 16 минута

    i want a supreme hoodie and supreme pants and i dont have a account

  10. Perla Jara

    Perla JaraПре 18 минута

    Hi can my skin be Balck and red and green pls

  11. Nader Ramzy

    Nader RamzyПре 19 минута


  12. Exotic_Ghosty Gamer

    Exotic_Ghosty GamerПре 24 минута

    He looks like big hero six

  13. Macaan

    MacaanПре 37 минута

    i sub username Macaan

  14. Chris Johnson

    Chris JohnsonПре 39 минута

    You should have made a one-handed gaunlet lol

  15. Frederik Dehn

    Frederik DehnПре 41 минут

    hi trimix in 5 days there it is my birthday and i love ur video <3

  16. NinjaSpider36

    NinjaSpider36Пре 46 минута

    In case no One noticed, The Piano keys song is actually a scp song Called this is Your last warning

  17. George Zachariou

    George ZachariouПре 49 минута

    Black marshmallow

  18. Tpaghost Yt56

    Tpaghost Yt56Пре 50 минута

    Also different colors

  19. Tpaghost Yt56

    Tpaghost Yt56Пре 59 минута

    My fortnite skin is going to look like sparkle specialist same design

  20. LASERAFFE_700

    LASERAFFE_700Пре сат

    I want a own skin So it should be a real monkey skin with agent clothes and monkey head and sunglasses Please i hope i get it

  21. Grayson Niemczyk

    Grayson NiemczykПре сат


  22. Dark_Meowscles

    Dark_MeowsclesПре сат

    STONKS in fortnite if that funny dumb thing is in the game realise these funny dumb emote styles pls epic it’s the best thing everyone would play fortnite more often

  23. Dark_Meowscles

    Dark_MeowsclesПре сат

    STONKS is in fortnite release these funny dumb emotes pls fortnite it funny and good work trimix

  24. Jessica Aguila

    Jessica AguilaПре сат

    Black Jordan jacket white air forces black pants

  25. xd gamer pro no dementia bruh yeet

    xd gamer pro no dementia bruh yeetПре сат

    My names Azza nut

  26. Parker Bell

    Parker BellПре сат

    my yt is parker bell

  27. Parker Bell

    Parker BellПре сат

    can i have my one skin i just want a sloth skin and a shewt out

  28. xd gamer pro no dementia bruh yeet

    xd gamer pro no dementia bruh yeetПре сат

    My skin is Gucci hoodie that goes over your private black jeans with larbrones and lacoste hat with a black mask

  29. 《[Soranaki Heartz]》

    《[Soranaki Heartz]》Пре сат

    There's alot of other people who want a custom skin so my chance to get picked is kinda low goes... Male Slightly pale white skin White hair that looks similar to Raz Red eyes Black hoodie with red neon lines with a red broken heart symbol on the chest Black jeans with the same red neon lines Black and red shoes Apologies if its too complex

  30. zippy 21

    zippy 21Пре сат

    All golden ikon or a all blue ikon team

  31. zippy 21

    zippy 21Пре сат

    Golden ikon Blue hoodie Wite and black necers and has a golden pig as a pet

  32. Andrea Reed

    Andrea ReedПре сат

    I want a costume skien

  33. Conor Sullivan

    Conor SullivanПре сат

    It should have a orange and blue hoodie and brown hair in a poofy hair style and teh rest suprise me

  34. RileyDude

    RileyDudeПре сат

    Blue hoodie, brown hair foehawk, slurpy swamp hands, red pants, blue backward hat

  35. Quinnybear 3099

    Quinnybear 3099Пре сат

    A black and white cartoon peely

  36. Tom Videos

    Tom VideosПре сат

    Please can I have my own skin I want him to have a Jonesey shirt a beanie shorts that’s it My user name is Dexter striker 1

  37. Jackolante duck

    Jackolante duckПре 2 сата

    Omg how do you create that? Pleas how can i do the contest???

  38. Colin Debele

    Colin DebeleПре 2 сата


  39. dyla8420 dyla8420

    dyla8420 dyla8420Пре 2 сата

    chicken wing5050

  40. Nolan Playz

    Nolan PlayzПре 2 сата

    Hi I subscribed can I have a skin with a black Gucci hoodie and blue Jordan’s

  41. Пре 2 сата

    OMG how do you make custom

  42. For Night

    For NightПре 2 сата

    Give me a ping again why I don’t have a big scam decide to do any scans really want my own custom put like my hair and cargo pants and then a gaming chair so cool

  43. Sammy L

    Sammy LПре 2 сата

    The nascar driver chase Elliot his race suit

  44. Gamerboyyjayce Hi

    Gamerboyyjayce HiПре 2 сата

    Skins design: lakers shirt bald jordens as pants skin color black

  45. Plague Knight

    Plague KnightПре 2 сата

    Can you make my skin: Dark blue hoodie. Green plague doctor mask. Dark blue robe. Gold chain. green shoulder plates. Green belt. Light brown pants. Black jesters boots. It will make my day if you made this!

  46. Angel Lopez

    Angel LopezПре 2 сата

    From is is friends with the worst footnote clickbaiters

  47. nightmare the bird

    nightmare the birdПре 2 сата

    can you make me a skin plz? i want you to make tito the turtle

  48. Sans The gamer

    Sans The gamerПре 2 сата

    I want my skin to be sans the one in my profile picture and let him have blue fire coming out of his eyes and let him fly that’s it hope you choose me for the next vid

  49. george eftychiou

    george eftychiouПре 2 сата

    Trimix animate the creeper and blend it in the current version of fortnite so other players can see it and then participate in a fashion show and troll people! BTW u have been doing a great job keep it up🥰🤩!

  50. BilifHD

    BilifHDПре 3 сата

    i want my skin to be accactly like a person called Zrool, thanks for listening ;)<3

  51. Jar Smiley

    Jar SmileyПре 3 сата

    can i have a skin that looks like a guy with brown har and bron eyes, a green haedband, and a mask like the thing on my pfp

  52. Andrew Meyers

    Andrew MeyersПре 3 сата


  53. mr froggy

    mr froggyПре 3 сата

    Y all your videos on sneep? Wtf

  54. ItzKenzieFN

    ItzKenzieFNПре 3 сата

    Kit skin Gold chain necklace Sunglasses Top hat Issa gangsta cat 😎

  55. Deepti Kuckian

    Deepti KuckianПре 3 сата

    My user is Alpha_dragoneye so make what u can related plzzz

  56. mommawithtwoboys

    mommawithtwoboysПре 3 сата

    I want a hockey player or an aligator skin

  57. Gacha life and Roblox channel

    Gacha life and Roblox channelПре 3 сата

    He's gonna get banned like Landon and Jarvis editing files is NOT allowed in fortnite

  58. Atle Kornum

    Atle KornumПре 3 сата

    Can I get a skin that's a 🍩 Please my name is Atle og Loke

  59. juice wrld the goat

    juice wrld the goatПре 3 сата

    Gucci evey

  60. ESP Gustavøk

    ESP GustavøkПре 3 сата

    0:48 why

  61. Leo Davies

    Leo DaviesПре 3 сата

    Spider man

  62. Younis 2 channel

    Younis 2 channelПре 3 сата

    Trimix can play the game

  63. William Costello

    William CostelloПре 4 сата

    So I subscribed and I want my thing to look like -Blue messy hair -Ocean adidas hoodie -Light blue pants -Light blue shoes

  64. cat pro army

    cat pro armyПре 4 сата

    I subscribed my skin should look like a cat that has orange hairs orange everything also orange mask

  65. Noah Seeley Varcoe

    Noah Seeley VarcoeПре 4 сата

    Can I have on my skin just whering west 49 cloes

  66. Dream

    DreamПре 4 сата

    I’m subscribed and liked every single video can you make me a dream skin

  67. Dream

    DreamПре 4 сата


  68. Nebras 9080

    Nebras 9080Пре 4 сата

    Make me a skin with ninja outfit

  69. Fire Skater

    Fire SkaterПре 4 сата

    Please I want my own skin to look like! It should have a dinosaur bone as a head It should have a skeleton body It should have a skeleton legs Thank you for reading!

  70. Nebras 9080

    Nebras 9080Пре 4 сата


  71. Aarush Shrestha

    Aarush ShresthaПре 4 сата

    Goodnees you show how to make it in 1 min you tell it takes hours

  72. TNG Destroy

    TNG DestroyПре 4 сата

    Wait for it yeah keeping looking is the guy from fortnite

  73. G-units gang

    G-units gangПре 4 сата

    I'm subbed I want a custom skin Juventus training suit The face of eminem And red Nike Air Jordan's


    ZAKI SULIEMANПре 5 сати

    u invited ur friend to be the enderman so u get money u dog money look at the top right it says 2 people

  75. varaderos varaderos

    varaderos varaderosПре 5 сати

    Hey bro what's up I send you what I want my screen to look like and I would appreciate it to make it real. I want a soldier hanging a weapon with some other things. I sent you an image , please and thank you.

  76. Haneen Aqdas

    Haneen AqdasПре 5 сати


  77. Tiyana Singletary

    Tiyana SingletaryПре 5 сати

    Dragonaut without karaoke

  78. Waylon Koscho

    Waylon KoschoПре 6 сати

    It’s tiygr

  79. Ayan Zeeshan

    Ayan ZeeshanПре 6 сати

    Please give me a skin I am poor if you give me god will bless you