EVERY Player that KILLS ME, gets their OWN Fortnite Skin!

► EVERY Player that KILLS ME, gets their OWN Fortnite Skin!
Today I'm playing Fortnite Solo Games. Whenever I die, I search their Name on the entire Internet & and I will ask them if they want a Fortnite custom Skin!
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  1. Trimix

    TrimixПре 5 месеци

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  2. uSeth 12

    uSeth 12Пре 3 дана

    On it

  3. Nick Hernandez

    Nick HernandezПре 19 дана


  4. ناصر الظفيري

    ناصر الظفيريПре 22 дана


  5. German Amezcua

    German AmezcuaПре 27 дана


  6. German Amezcua

    German AmezcuaПре 27 дана


  7. Capt Boi

    Capt BoiПре дан


  8. Hithere Generalkenobi

    Hithere GeneralkenobiПре 2 дана

    I love burger man and I’m happy he got a skin

  9. uSeth 12

    uSeth 12Пре 3 дана

    Manda Laurion is in the game now this was made 5 months ago

  10. Laker Smedley

    Laker SmedleyПре 3 дана

    he made the mando this seson tear 100: he coped me

  11. karen oshea

    karen osheaПре 4 дана

    Please i need cutom skin my name is ZUES107

  12. Edon Smith

    Edon SmithПре 4 дана

    thats trimix hub

  13. Bradley Wigg

    Bradley WiggПре 5 дана

    I filled out the form it’s just I couldn’t find a picture so I just did my face

  14. Conrad Ledet

    Conrad LedetПре 6 дана

    The monkey skin would be cool tho

  15. Lapisfn

    LapisfnПре 6 дана

    How many times he said thank you so much man ⬇️

  16. OverPowerdLord

    OverPowerdLordПре 6 дана


  17. DiNoSaUr RoAr

    DiNoSaUr RoArПре 7 дана

    I did it in the link

  18. Arigame TRK

    Arigame TRKПре 7 дана

    Like I mean that TTV Sethbot dude should have just waited one more season, and he would actually get to play with the full skin and the back bling instead of an animation

  19. slender man 357

    slender man 357Пре 12 дана

    I think trimix should be the new epic games

  20. Cassie Gord

    Cassie GordПре 12 дана

    I know I’m watching this in 2021. the guy who said mando it came true

  21. Angelique Gillmer

    Angelique GillmerПре 19 дана

    He told the next season...

  22. Jaxon Laing

    Jaxon LaingПре 19 дана

    I make a kid danger custom fortnight skin

  23. Lorenzian YouTube

    Lorenzian YouTubeПре 20 дана

    The burger skin account is named MPC and in season 5 there is really a burger NPC! Edit:And also that guy predicted the Mandalorian skin!

  24. CrypticRobin

    CrypticRobinПре 21 дан

    🐒 with 🤖 arms with Nike Air Force

  25. Reanimater

    ReanimaterПре 23 дана

    I love how you say that you can’t wear you skin in game but mando comes in!🤣🤣

  26. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet YeetПре 24 дана


  27. Aoife Lawler

    Aoife LawlerПре 25 дана


  28. glxx ニガ

    glxx ニガПре 25 дана

    i mean it was kinda easier that you add them and after that wait for them to accept and ask them.-.

  29. Yolanda Rodriguez

    Yolanda RodriguezПре 25 дана

    You are soo good at this

  30. Yolanda Rodriguez

    Yolanda RodriguezПре 25 дана

    Hoow loves trimix

  31. Deshaun Ellul

    Deshaun EllulПре 25 дана

    My name is LIGHT-_-NINJA69

  32. Deshaun Ellul

    Deshaun EllulПре 25 дана

    Trimx can I add you

  33. Terra Todd

    Terra ToddПре 25 дана

    he’s a kid

  34. Luigi Chiriatti

    Luigi ChiriattiПре 27 дана

    The thumbnail tho was like he know the future

  35. Vane Cisneros

    Vane CisnerosПре 27 дана


  36. nikolozi bunturi

    nikolozi bunturiПре 27 дана

    You could have just added them ;-;

  37. Sxphie plays Bloons 13

    Sxphie plays Bloons 13Пре 28 дана

    Turkic should make fortnite skins

  38. That Nerd HyperNix

    That Nerd HyperNixПре 28 дана

    Me watching in season 5 be like, he got what he want, this is the way, lol

  39. PharaohPlayzzz Gacha skits

    PharaohPlayzzz Gacha skitsПре 28 дана

    I did the thing. You should read my custom skin

  40. Leaf D3steny

    Leaf D3stenyПре 28 дана

    Hi i was Leaf D3stiny

  41. Raena Roberts

    Raena RobertsПре 28 дана

    Wtf is a Luf llama

  42. Jackson McCormick

    Jackson McCormickПре 28 дана

    fvc cffffgffrrdvhhdawddddddddddfffggggggsddfrttfhjgrr em

  43. Ibrahim N.

    Ibrahim N.Пре 28 дана

    UMMMMmThe mandolorian is in game lolll. It TRIMIX who can see the future uter uter

  44. Tom Keogh

    Tom KeoghПре 29 дана

    Is no one gonna talk about the way on the computer at the beginning his name was in the p*rn hub colours😅

  45. Burning_bidet1

    Burning_bidet1Пре 29 дана

    How did seth bot predict the future

  46. Diamond Eye

    Diamond EyeПре 29 дана

    It’s funny seeing how he makes a mandolorian skin when it’s already out now

  47. Diamond Eye

    Diamond EyeПре 23 дана

    I said when it’s out now not then

  48. Diamond Eye

    Diamond EyeПре 23 дана

    I know that’s what I literally said :/

  49. James2Blessed

    James2BlessedПре 23 дана

    Bruh this was made 4 months ago it wasn't out then

  50. Connor Heneghan

    Connor HeneghanПре 29 дана

    Hahahaha I know

  51. Connor Heneghan

    Connor HeneghanПре 29 дана

    How do we do our custom skin trimix?

  52. Minii

    MiniiПре 29 дана

    I can't do cat with metal hands and silver sneakers

  53. Kaden Artiga-Acosta

    Kaden Artiga-AcostaПре 29 дана

    Who is watching in chapter 2 season five lol

  54. UwU SeNpAi UwU

    UwU SeNpAi UwUПре 29 дана


  55. Saleh Dashti

    Saleh DashtiПре 29 дана



    JOSHUA SINGERПре 29 дана


  57. King Dan Clamp

    King Dan ClampПре 29 дана

    I am in S5 and the first created skin and backbling is in game

  58. Christian Seman

    Christian SemanПре 29 дана


  59. potential

    potentialПре месец

    Watching in 2021

  60. Mrd Farminglads37

    Mrd Farminglads37Пре месец

    Ask epic if you could release them in game

  61. Bubble M4ster

    Bubble M4sterПре месец

    Everyone trimix didn’t predict it the person that asked him did

  62. creed malabu

    creed malabuПре месец

    A monkey and robot nike1 lol🤣🤣🤣

  63. Anneliese Anders

    Anneliese AndersПре месец

    where's the link?

  64. Alyssa Polito

    Alyssa PolitoПре месец

    Its grogu

  65. Jrman513

    Jrman513Пре месец

    My Yt acutely comes up on safari and my Fn name

  66. Amber Anzalone

    Amber AnzaloneПре месец

    The mando skin sucks

  67. kulvinder singh sidhu

    kulvinder singh sidhuПре месец

    I Love How Trimix Predicted The Future of The Mandalorain Skin and The Child Being a Back Bling.



    What website do you make skins

  69. 7even Gaming

    7even GamingПре месец

    Did anyone realize this skin and the backbling shown in the thunbnail will come moths after😀

  70. Jack Scheppink

    Jack ScheppinkПре месец

    XD its the same as the mando in game now

  71. Haider Kaleem

    Haider KaleemПре месец

    Can you make my skin plz. I submitted my quiz

  72. Nattybantam

    NattybantamПре месец

    The fact this was so close to the actually mando skin is crazy

  73. Hampster_gaming101

    Hampster_gaming101Пре месец

    Can I have my own skin? I am a RSclubr!

  74. Tanner Peterson

    Tanner PetersonПре месец

    I dont really get discord

  75. God Of Water

    God Of WaterПре месец

    You know what's funny in the new season mando and baby Yoda are in the game

  76. Alexan3gamerYT

    Alexan3gamerYTПре месец

    trimix predic fortnite chapter 2 seson 5 😮😮

  77. Anna Pladson

    Anna PladsonПре месец

    I bet fortnite took baby yoda an mando

  78. mandeep virk

    mandeep virkПре месец


  79. red star gamer

    red star gamerПре месец


  80. Ali El Nachar

    Ali El NacharПре месец

    I did it

  81. Pro gamer Ultimate

    Pro gamer UltimateПре месец

    Epic copied tri mix see mandalorian

  82. Pricilla Gonzales

    Pricilla GonzalesПре месец

    The funny thing is at season 5 chapter 2 the mando is a skin and and the child is a back bling

  83. Hala Unicorn

    Hala UnicornПре месец

    Hold on isn't that a skin already the Mandalorian skin oop

  84. The Ominous Otter

    The Ominous OtterПре месец

    Funny how we actually got the mandolorian and the baby Yoda

  85. Arrowhead Ransom

    Arrowhead RansomПре месец

    It’s so funny in season 5 chapter 2 mando came out lol

  86. Joshua Moyer

    Joshua MoyerПре месец

    Anyone watching this in season 5?

  87. advxnces

    advxncesПре месец


  88. Mackenzie Croft

    Mackenzie CroftПре месец

    Stop saying man

  89. Abdur Tanvir Rahman

    Abdur Tanvir RahmanПре месец

    Please make my skin.


    CHESSY PLAYZПре месец

    I did it

  91. Jaimee Wilson

    Jaimee WilsonПре месец

    Where do you want to just are you wearing?????

  92. Jaimee Wilson

    Jaimee WilsonПре месец


  93. Ella Ceplinskaite

    Ella CeplinskaiteПре месец

    There is a mandaloran skin

  94. super gaming

    super gamingПре месец

    Can I make your skin

  95. Morph_ Cracken

    Morph_ CrackenПре месец

    The mandolorian is in the game now

  96. Melee Fox

    Melee FoxПре месец

    Mando Is Here

  97. Super Liam

    Super LiamПре месец

    you put mando in the thumbnail, now he is in game

  98. Emir Svanidze

    Emir SvanidzeПре месец

    I want a free skin

  99. Matthew Oliva

    Matthew OlivaПре месец

    Go on my own for Nestlé in my fortnight name is Supermatt DJ

  100. Jennifer Spekking

    Jennifer SpekkingПре месец

    Baby Yoder wtf yoda

  101. Jaxson Ballard

    Jaxson BallardПре месец

    Mandalorian looked like he was made of clay

  102. elyse smith

    elyse smithПре месец


  103. Andre Rushing

    Andre RushingПре месец

    you know whats cool mando is a skin now in season 5

  104. NIMOU plays

    NIMOU playsПре месец

    What's he point of filling out a form bc u can't even use it in game if I'm gonna do this I wanna actually use it

  105. Justïn

    JustïnПре месец

    The mando skin is pretty close

  106. romek tv

    romek tvПре месец

    its funny because mandalorianis in the game and allso baby yoda backbling lol

  107. clash with hammody

    clash with hammodyПре месец

    Apolo is better than you

  108. Samuel Mosimann

    Samuel MosimannПре месец

    Mandalorian is In the game

  109. gokayorki

    gokayorkiПре месец

    mandalorian just came.He guessed the future