I let Youtubers design my Fortnite Skin...

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I let RSclubrs design my Fortnite Skin...
I let famous RSclubrs like: Ali-A, Kwebbelkop, Tiko, Ghost Ninja, Lachlan, Lazarbeam, etc... decide how my Fortnite Custom Skin should look like!
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  1. Trimix

    TrimixПре 4 месеца

    Download the BIGO LIVE App: bigolive.onelink.me/sG8X/Trimix (right link this time lol) Follow my BIGO ID - Trimix, and join my live in the coming month.

  2. Aynn Paras

    Aynn ParasПре 6 дана

    Why kwebblekop?

  3. Dalton's life

    Dalton's lifeПре 7 дана


  4. World Of Peace

    World Of PeaceПре 14 дана

    Hey maybe you shouldn’t show the f word in the chat

  5. TurtlePowa001

    TurtlePowa001Пре 24 дана

    I would buy that

  6. Onemanshooter

    OnemanshooterПре месец

    Trimix can you go in a fashion show with this skin🤣

  7. Archie MORRIS

    Archie MORRISПре дан

    Trimix: all the subs are equal to 50m MrBeast: :)

  8. Yoboi-yellowbird

    Yoboi-yellowbirdПре дан


  9. Emir Sejdić

    Emir SejdićПре дан


  10. EpicKC01Gamer !

    EpicKC01Gamer !Пре дан

    That’s so funny 🤣

  11. Minty nugget

    Minty nuggetПре дан

    Donald mustard, fresh, mrbeast

  12. Samuel Rohr

    Samuel RohrПре 2 дана

    HOG is crazy

  13. glossy does art

    glossy does artПре 2 дана


  14. David Houghton

    David HoughtonПре 2 дана

    No cap i kinda like it

  15. Felbinger Grant

    Felbinger GrantПре 2 дана

    Me looking at the beginning: ok, ok, this is looking cool Me seeing finished product: What have you done

  16. Swift Flamez

    Swift FlamezПре 5 дана

    why doesn't alia talk like that win his vid he sounds like he's not high on coke or once

  17. Danielle Plourd

    Danielle PlourdПре 6 дана

    How do you make the skins

  18. Jackson Fowler

    Jackson FowlerПре 6 дана

    You forgot the air pods

  19. dest royer

    dest royerПре 7 дана

    Tiger and sleep are the same people

  20. sam ranger

    sam rangerПре 7 дана

    Im mad lachlan and lazarbeam didn't answer. but they answered me lmao and im not a big twitch streamer but i got several thousand subs and follows

  21. Minecraftdude YT

    Minecraftdude YTПре 8 дана

    Yo trimix I'm a HUGEEEEEEE FAN but, you fogort to add airpods but, really cool and FUNNY LOL

  22. David Lickteig

    David LickteigПре 9 дана

    Fresh, Muselk, Mcreamy, Mau, Daniel

  23. Ponçikgamer

    PonçikgamerПре 9 дана


  24. Edge Bros

    Edge BrosПре 11 дана

    Yoooo my boy making fun of Alia in the thumbnail not cool bruh

  25. Mayline Maldonado

    Mayline MaldonadoПре 11 дана


  26. Yeet forever

    Yeet foreverПре 12 дана

    Trimix do you wana play ????

  27. Aayden Elder

    Aayden ElderПре 12 дана

    Fortunately the car is a bit too and it's 6AM to get the sis mom

  28. Aayden Elder

    Aayden ElderПре 12 дана

    H hff htuhghhgy

  29. Seb Mo

    Seb MoПре 13 дана


  30. David Calley

    David CalleyПре 16 дана

    I hate tiko btw

  31. Harrison Harrison

    Harrison HarrisonПре 18 дана

    Are the skins real

  32. Danger Gekko

    Danger GekkoПре 18 дана

    how can I do a second make your own skin because I messed up on the first one I did

  33. Juke _99

    Juke _99Пре 18 дана

    Can you make me a skin

  34. Aspect_potion

    Aspect_potionПре 20 дана

    Y did u lie to Ali-A

  35. Andrew Mccrindle

    Andrew MccrindleПре 21 дан

    Yo alia

  36. Jacob Stefanchuk

    Jacob StefanchukПре 21 дан


  37. Jayden Vanderpool

    Jayden VanderpoolПре 22 дана


  38. Andrea Co

    Andrea CoПре 23 дана

    Hey trimix what app do you use for creating characters and stuff.

  39. Preston Willis

    Preston WillisПре 24 дана

    Air pods

  40. Murtle the Turtle

    Murtle the TurtleПре 25 дана

    what application do you use to make these

  41. Haze

    HazeПре 25 дана

    Its good being a default

  42. Abiran Akil

    Abiran AkilПре 25 дана

    Yea why do people roast him he tells every information about fortnite

  43. Dady Sayed

    Dady SayedПре 26 дана

    What about sneep's airpods??

  44. JuuL Gaming

    JuuL GamingПре 26 дана

    Om what program do you make your skins

  45. Crystal Gamer

    Crystal GamerПре 26 дана

    Make a blue power ranger skin

  46. percfaceFX

    percfaceFXПре 26 дана


  47. Eli Piercy

    Eli PiercyПре 27 дана

    But pewdipie has more than all of them lol

  48. Rayyan Iman

    Rayyan ImanПре 27 дана

    Looks like a diaper

  49. Funko Pop YEET

    Funko Pop YEETПре 27 дана

    Someone swore 😂

  50. Vanessa haegeman

    Vanessa haegemanПре 28 дана


  51. liznit727

    liznit727Пре 28 дана

    What is that app called?

  52. Banks

    BanksПре 28 дана

    Trimix should have more subscriber's than every single RSclubR

  53. Banks

    BanksПре 28 дана

    Epic games should make trimix the best fortnite skin it should be amazing epic games like so cool.

  54. Banks

    BanksПре 28 дана

    Your amazing trimix

  55. RG YuGG

    RG YuGGПре 28 дана

    how do u make them??? and put them in game??? and can u ge in a game w it?

  56. The Martin's

    The Martin'sПре 28 дана


  57. Jennie

    JennieПре 28 дана

    The bulging eyes made it all come together

  58. ClansReborn

    ClansRebornПре 28 дана

    Face reveal and well Get u to 2M subs i think XD

  59. Ldm Loves games

    Ldm Loves gamesПре 29 дана

    You should ban samual2009 from the discord server lol did u see what he said

  60. Ben Studio

    Ben StudioПре 29 дана

    Ask me for custom

  61. Jonathan Sandford

    Jonathan SandfordПре 29 дана


  62. julian os

    julian osПре месец

    ask Loserfruit


    TIMOTHY TAMПре месец


  64. Corbin Briggs

    Corbin BriggsПре месец

    I know you probably won’t make my skin but I would be soo happy if you did and my name is :Calvin nin

  65. Above the Vortex

    Above the VortexПре месец

    For some reason the skin was sweaty

  66. Above the Vortex

    Above the VortexПре месец


  67. meme compilation daily

    meme compilation dailyПре месец

    tell me why sneep sounds like tiger

  68. Emilen

    EmilenПре месец

    How do you bulid skins

  69. Yusuf Raheem

    Yusuf RaheemПре месец

    i have a question for u trimix how do u make ur custom skins

  70. LD7 Gaming

    LD7 GamingПре месец

    Ask the youtuber ld7 gaming

  71. potato_man974

    potato_man974Пре месец

    Ali a is a good RSclubr and a good person


    NEXTOCLOCKПре месец

    I read the thumbnail Dming Minors Wtf is wrong with me

  73. Emery Pendleton

    Emery PendletonПре месец

    Three months and not even 1M views that’s sad af

  74. Yeet King yt3

    Yeet King yt3Пре месец

    Has it actually been three months since ghost Midas

  75. Laura Bialachowski

    Laura BialachowskiПре месец

    He said FUCK rando


    ITS UR BOI CJПре месец


  77. Mark Oconnor

    Mark OconnorПре месец

    50mil dont got more than pewdiepie altogether 🤣🤣🤣

  78. Zeph_Innit

    Zeph_InnitПре месец

    Don’t do drugs kids

  79. shanksz12

    shanksz12Пре месец

    *tremix* 😂😂😂

  80. Mason Rines

    Mason RinesПре месец


  81. Reksu?

    Reksu?Пре месец


  82. Kyson D

    Kyson DПре месец

    I love your videos keep uploading 🙂

  83. Galaxy gaming YT

    Galaxy gaming YTПре месец

    You forgot the AirPods

  84. Weston Jack

    Weston JackПре месец

    it said f word

  85. mrtaylor0985

    mrtaylor0985Пре месец


  86. Modelnum15

    Modelnum15Пре месец

    You lied to Ali-a and told him he was the first person even though you asked Sneep before him lol😂😂😂

  87. Marctalks

    MarctalksПре месец


  88. Vytrzx

    VytrzxПре месец

    14:18 your welcome

  89. Duwan Underwood

    Duwan UnderwoodПре месец

    Duwan I want you To put on the Give is a apple

  90. Sam Balfanz

    Sam BalfanzПре месец

    8:43 ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE Well apparently not fish hands

  91. iestyn Parry

    iestyn ParryПре месец

    A poo

  92. Jeriah320 WhiteEagle

    Jeriah320 WhiteEagleПре месец

    Make your own dog skin

  93. Billydashrimp

    BillydashrimpПре месец

    Name of the app plzzzz

  94. Rebecca Craddock

    Rebecca CraddockПре месец

    Add a bow on his hed


    MUSH GAMINGПре месец

    The skin was looking great until home of games

  96. DarkDemo -_-

    DarkDemo -_-Пре месец

    How much V-Bucks?

  97. Gergő Smuk

    Gergő SmukПре месец

    What this apps name

  98. Raymond Imad

    Raymond ImadПре месец

    hi can you do please a 6ix 9ine skin?

  99. unicorn girl

    unicorn girlПре месец

    How do you make custom skins?

  100. Charlie french fries

    Charlie french friesПре месец

    At 11:01 in his chat it says the F word

  101. damien barss

    damien barssПре месец

    And my epic games account is supervillian2010

  102. damien barss

    damien barssПре месец

    I want a I want a custom skin and I subscribed you and I like all your videos

  103. Jacky W

    Jacky WПре месец

    No AirPods

  104. Aronbest123

    Aronbest123Пре месец

    Tikos Was the best

  105. ترف عسيري

    ترف عسيريПре месец


  106. Baby Yoda

    Baby YodaПре месец

    Where is tikos voice changer?